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Tags: 140it, abbreviate,, bookmarklet, Long Text, Web
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140it is a innovative tool that shrinks your tweets by using common Internet  abbreviations so that long text can still be tweeted! [Read TechCrunch Review]

Whether you can tolerate the abbreviations is your call! 🙂

This will be something quite useful for those who love to tweet/SMS in abbreviations. An example tweet that I did which was actually 175 characters and 140it shrunk it to 140:


This is how 140it reduces your text:

  • Reducing words, removing extra spaces
  • Shrinking URL’s with
  • Exchanging company names with their StockTwits symbol

140it provides a that you can use directly from within the Twitter page, or you can visit the 140it website and shrink your tweet there first.

A video demonstrating how to use the tool:

140it Demo from Vinicius Vacanti on Vimeo.

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