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Create Short URLs and get paid for it!

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Tags: adfly, Monetize, short url, Web
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Alexa Ranking: 204

This app listing has been viewed 3,955 times. is a new link shortening service with a twist. The difference between ond any of the countless others is that you get paid for each click on your shortened links!

When a user clicks on the short link, it first shows a full page interstitial ad and the user would need to click on “Skip Ad” before being forwarded to your link.


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  • If you want to get paid real money to shorten your URLs you should check out our eCash URL Shortener service. It blows away AdFly.

  • jason

    not really, with ecash you only get money if they buy something thru the ad links

  • Nino Natividad

    This is really nice!

  • ahmed

    itis real but little money

    1 visited link = 0.00004 $

  • Jolean

    instead of i preffer

    i use it to advertise on facebook/twitter for my cpa offers and made 100 times more from what what i made using

    do give it a shot

    • Meaney8191

      why wont the site let me sign up?

  • you’re wrong ahmed; each visit is $0.004 aka .4 cents

  • Linkman

    Yea, the amount varies depends on the advert, but it does tend to be around .3-4 of a cent per click. That might not seem much, but if you’ve got a lot of followers and a few links, the amount adds up quickly.

  • I’d be worried that if I use it regularly, people would be less likely to actually click on the link and in the end click on the ads on my website which would earn me more. Good idea though and I might try it for linking to news articles or whatever.