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Buy & Sell Twitter Accounts (Use at your own risk!)

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Tags: Assetize, buy and sell, Web
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Assetize is a marketplace to online accounts, including Twitter accounts. This is clearly against the Twitter ToS, so use it at your own risk.

This is what provides:

  • Own the account with the perfect name or thousands of followers.
  • If your desired account is not listed, let Assetize find it for you.
  • All transactions are 100% guaranteed through our escrow services.

As mentioned on TechCrunch,

Assetize will let you park Twitter accounts, like domain names, for future use and in the meantime put ads on the account while you sit back and make money. To park your Twitter account, simply register with Assetize for an invite, then put in all of your account information, give keywords related to the parked account, and Assetize will then place ads on the account that are supposedly relevant to keywords you specify. In order to apply for the private beta, your Twitter account must have at least 200 followers.


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  • mikey

    Trust me! Do not try to sell your twitter names. My account got suspended from using these types of site, and twitter wouldn’t give it back. Just not worth it!