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Conversation Tracker for Twitter

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Tags: Bettween, threaded, Web
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Bettween is a simple to use conversation tracker for Twitter. All you do is specify the two username and it does the rest! The homepage besides allowing you to specify usernames, shows the hot conversations on Twitter currently.



From their press release,

Very often, Twitter users complain that they find it very difficult to figure out what people they “follow” are talking about. Let’s take a hypothetical situation. Suppose you are following actor Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk), the most popular Twitter personality today. He tweets an interesting reply to his wife, Demi Moore (@mrskutcher). How are you supposed to figure out what he is talking about if you aren’t following Moore as well? Twitter is not an ideal two-way conversation tool or a chat room, but many people use it that way. For a single message it’s still easy to go to and check out Moore’s account or jump from one tweet to another with the link “in reply to”, but if it’s a multi-tweet conversation between two users…only good luck could help you tracking it down!

And this is a very common situation, when a friend tweets something to a stranger and makes no sense to you, but you are curious enough to want to know more. For all such occasions, there is now a tool that makes it easier for you.

is a simple Twitter tracker that figures out conversations between two Twitter users. All you have to do is put in the usernames of the people you want to track in the space provided at the top, under “Track a conversation between @user1 and @User2”.

The service will then start caching all the tweets by the two users, and figure out the direct conversations between them. Soon a list of conversations pops up on the page for you to check out. Easy and clear.

If you don’t know which people a specific user talks to, simply fill the text box with only one username and click GO! to see a complete index from such user and his/hers counterparts.

Besides, if you want to share a conversation with someone else, you can do that by clicking on “Tweet Conversation” or by copy-pasting the permalinks.

Another interesting thing is that by using the Twitter API, this service can go much further in time to search for conversations than the “Twitter Search” itself, so you can go over old conversations, without the twittosphere noise.

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