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Buzzom Premium

The Better Way To Socialize

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Buzzom Premium is an advanced Twitter tool which can help you improve your social media presence. With Buzzom Premium you can do the following:

  • Leverage your Tweets: Monitor your twitter stream and track your RTs and Messages by time.Understand your network better with graphs of your Twitter stream.
  • Monitor your Network: Find out your latest followers and friends. Measure your growth in Twitter and view the graph of your followers.
  • Get the Junk off your Inbox:  Customize the keywords to create a proper for your Inbox. Clean your Inbox from Junk and automated DMs.
  • Get targeted followers: Grow your network based on keywords or location. Connect with likeminded people to make most out of your tweets
  • Schedule your Tweets: Now you can reach people at different time zones without actually logging in. Just schedule your tweets at your convenient time to reach your target at their convenient time.

Buzzom Premium is available at an introductory price of only $10/month.

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  • Hi,

    I am very thankful for your blog coverage of our service in your blog. Hence, I am writing to update some of the new offerings of Buzzom.

    We have released the lifetime offer for Buzzom Premium at $99 today. Since your blog talks about technology and social media and has a large

    readership, we were hoping you would want to cover this news. Buzzom
    Premium is a complete solution for social media marketing campaign and
    is much more feature rich than any of its competitors.

    Please view our press release here.


    Deep Sherchan
    Co-Founder, InRev

  • Buzzom premium has limited offer for life time only $99….Hurrah…

  • kristena

    Really nice one tool for my twitter account management, i can show my statistics from this.