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Collective London

Spread Christmas cheer with ‘naughty or nice’ Twitter-driven app

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Tags: Christmas, Collective London, Santa, Web
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Alexa Ranking: 3,307,880

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Spread cheer with ‘naughty or nice’ Twitter-driven app called Collective London. Visitors enter their Twitter user name to wake Santa from his snooze. They can then watch as Santa checks their tweets for various naughty or nice key words while he boogies to the music. Once the results are in, Santa responds by telling the user if they are naughty or nice and what they deserve this Christmas (anything from a “ruddy good talking to” to “a little donkey”).

If the user has been naughty, they’ll be encouraged to add some Christmas cheer to their tweets and try again.

Results are shared on Collective Santa’s Twitter page and can also be shared on the user’s Twitter or other social networking pages. The user can also choose to add a new naughty or nice profile picture to show all their followers.

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