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Awesome CRM tool for Twitter

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Tags: Account Management, coTweet, CRM, Web
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CoTweet is for Twitter. allows you to manage multiple accounts and multiple people tweeting through the same account. The UI looks like an email Inbox; something all of us are familiar with.

You can take turns being “on duty”, assign tweets to colleagues for followup and quickly see the conversations that have taken place between your company and Twitter users.

It is currently in private beta, but I have a few invite codes that I can share. There are only 9 invites and if it does not work for you, its already been used!

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coTweet is currently in use by several leading organizations like Pepsi, Ford, JetBlue, etc.
CoTweet is also forming a limited number of CoTweet Cohorts – groups of non-competing companies interested in learning from each other about how to use Twitter effectively to communicate with customers and drive business. CoTweet Cohorts are led by a social media consultant and have regularly scheduled conference calls and private online discussion groups.
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