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Tags: DailyRT, Trends, Web
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Alexa Ranking: 10,600,475

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Daily RT is an excellent resource to find the trending topics and most actively retweeted topics on Twitter. It lists the most popular retweeted tweets with an option to you to retweet right from the site.

You would need to sign in to do this though. You can search their archives to locate previously trending topics, save searches, etc. The user interface is very elegant and easy to use.


Features provided by Daily RT includes:

  • Hot tweets displays tweets in order based on their rank and can be filtered by all items in the search box. This is great for doing quick searches for topics of interest.
  • Live tweets displays tweets in real time as they gain popularity and are also filterable by all items in the search box. Most useful during events, you can filter popular live tweets based on hash tags and keywords to find topics people are talking about.
  • The drop down consists of the topics currently being talked about on twitter, according to twitter.
  • My searches: You can use this to save your search for future use.
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