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Deliver your RSS feed (from your blog) to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

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Tags: Dlvr.It, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS, Statistics, Syndication and Feeds, Tumblr
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Alexa Ranking: 271,183

This app listing has been viewed 377 times. aims to deliver your RSS feed (from your blog) to Twitter, and LinkedIn. As described on TechCrunch, “Once you sign up, you select a feed as an input, and then you select where you want to deliver that feed as an output. Depending on the destination, the feed will appear differently (a headline with a short link for Twitter, a longer excerpt for Facebook). You can set it to deliver all headlines to Twitter, but only a certain subset to Tumblr.” also generates real-time for your feeds in terms of the number of retweets, followers, friends, etc.

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