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Echofon for Mac

Twitter client for Mac with sync capability with its iPhone version

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Tags: client, echoFon, mac-os-x, Multiple Accounts, TwitterFon, TwitterFox
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Alexa Ranking: 1,047,377

This app listing has been viewed 2,212 times.

Echofon for Mac is a Twitter for the Mac OS. It is a native application unlike many others available on the Mac which runs on Adobe AIR.

As described by TechCrunch,

It’s super simple and very fast. It has a very clean design that is entirely silver and white which features your tweet stream, a new tweet input box along the bottom, and columns for Mentions, Messages, and Search along the top. You are alerted to new message updates by a number (the number of messages) placed next to the column name in which the new messages reside. Updates seem to come in quickly (every couple minutes or so).

One of the interesting features of for Mac is its ability to sync with its iPhone version. Some other features supported includes:

  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Drag-and-drop upload of photos

Echofon for Mac is in public beta and is available for free. This might change once it gets out of beta.

EchoFon is available as a Firefox add-on as well. It was earlier known as TwitterFox.


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