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Empire Avenue

Effective way to expand, engage and evaluate your social networks

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Tags: Empire Avenue, Facebook, follow, Google, LinkedIn, Marketing, Web
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Alexa Ranking: 602,472

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Empire Avenue allows individuals and businesses to measure and benefit from their online influence across blogs and social networks like , Twitter, Flickr and more.

The site empowers individuals to turn the value of their online contributions into real revenue by plugging into an advertising platform focused on delivering highly relevant and targeted ads.

Anyone registered on can buy and sell virtual shares in anyone else on the site for free. A person’s influence score is their share price on , which is calculated using share-trading activity on the site, as well as the Influencer’s offsite contributions to their own blogs, websites or social-media networks.

An Influencer’s shareholders can rate those contributions, rewarding quality content and providing additional metrics to be used to increase or decrease stock prices. Shareholders, meanwhile, are rewarded in virtual currency for the successes and activity of their investments.

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