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Making sense of Twitter Favourites

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Tags: Favorites, Favstar, Trends, Web
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Alexa Ranking: 38,078

This app listing has been viewed 481 times. takes the concept of Twitter favourites to the next level making it quite meaningful by analyzing its popularity across the network.

As described on TechCrunch,

The main page shows a recent leaderboard that can be set to show tweets of only a certain level (10 , for example). If you sign in via Twitter OAuth, you get a whole range of functionality, including the ability to follow people from .fm and see what tweets your friends are favoriting. Also, by signing in it is easy to see who is favoriting your tweets. As we all know, a big part of Twitter is vanity, so many of us likely want to know who is favoriting which tweets of ours. With .fm, it’s easy to see that.


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