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Get detailed information about a specific Twitter user

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Tags: analytics,, Statistics, Web
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Alexa Ranking: 328,762

This app listing has been viewed 609 times. is a Twitter service that can provide you with the most detailed information about a specific Twitter user in the least amount of time.

You input a Twitter name into the searchbox and hit enter. gets access to the profile of that user via the Twitter API, scans all the public info and the latest 200 tweets. provides you the most significant parts of those 200 tweets. It builds up three tag clouds: topics, #hashtags and @mentions, all based on the user’s recent activity, AND excluding all stop words!

Recent topics are the words used most in a tweep’s timeline.

#hashtags perhaps are more significant to techies and geeks, most of them include hashtags when posting links.

Finally, @ mentions are those people whom this tweep mentioned in the past 200 tweeps. Empty? Probably a robot.

The world map showing the regions where your followers belong is quite interesting and sheds light on the kind of tweets that you’re making and the interest region for the same.

An example for @TwitdomUpdates is shown below.


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