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Tags: Audio, GuaGee, voice, Web
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GuaGee is a free service to let you share messages by speaking. With you can record messages using your phone and have it automatically delivered to your audience.

GuaGee currently uses Twitter as the backbone of our service. After registration your recorded message will be posted to your Twitter timeline. If you want to leave anonymous messages call 1-888-433-4855.


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  • One unique feature of is that you can dial the number 1-888-433-4855 on any phone and it’s toll free. GuaGee actually turns every phone into a twitter client, no matter it’s a land-line or cell phone or even public pay phones.
    Some pay phones have already registered at GuaGee, for example this phone at Mountain View Cal train station:
    Where ever you go, find a public phone and dial that 888 number, you can start twittering.

    And that’s not all, GuaGee is also accessible from SKYPE. Since the number is toll free, any Skype account can call it for free and you don’t even need a Skype-out credit. In this way, anywhere around the world, you can twit by speaking on Skype and it is absolutely anonymous.

    If you want to use your own twitter account, just bind your phone number on