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Twitter Bot for finding the right real estate property

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Alexa Ranking: 13

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HouseWatch is a Twitter from that can deliver statistics and information to home buyers, sellers and agents.

Some of the commands supported by are (via TechCrunch):

DM the word ‘commands’ to the bot, but here’s the full list:

Stats – median home price (by city)
Value – home value (by address)
Income – median, per capita and median disposable income (by city)
Weather – monthly high and low temperatures (by city)
Demographics – population count and density (by city)
Cost – cost of living including local sales tax and a ranking of household expenses based on an average of 100 (by city)
Transportation – median travel time to work in minutes, and average use of public transportation (by city)
Environmental – air pollution and ozone indices based on an average of 100 (by city)
Crime – total, personal and crime rankings, based on an average of 100 (by city)
Fixed – monthly loan payments including insurance and taxes
Equity – amount of home equity using current value minus outstanding mortgage balances
Amort – full amortization schedule including monthly payment, total interest paid and total amount paid over the lifetime of the loan


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