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HTC Peep

Twitter client for HTC Hero

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Tags: Android, client, HTC, Mobile, Peep
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Alexa Ranking: 3,878

This app listing has been viewed 38,177 times.

HTC Peep is a full fledged Twitter for the Hero smart phone. You to do everything you can do with the Twitter widget and more. Send and receive direct messages, filter tweets by displaying only the replies directed to you, mark favorites, and even search for new Twitter users to follow.

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  • Hugo Martorelli

    A couple days ago the Peep app for my HTC HD7 died on me. There’s an error message that says that my account was forbidden to access the Twitter Server which is not true at all for I still have access on http://twitter. Does anybody know how to fix this?

    • Jesús Colprim

      me to! and from the accepting connections on twitter profile_connections the PEEP software options is no more available!

      • Skier-Hughes

        The web seems to be full of this problem with no fix. I am suffering with my hd2. Twitter say it is a peep problem. It started when twitter went over to their “new” twitter for me.
        I can’t seem to find “peep” to contact, anyone know how?
        Otherwise it’s change client :(

      • Skier-Hughes

        I gave up, twitter replied to my message saying they don’t support third party apps, nothing from htc, so paid £2.69 for Motweets and I’m back working after 5 days of no help.

  • dafk13

    how do you check if your typing the right login because its not taking mine, and yeah its like its dead it doesnt update any new tweets by the people im following

  • Asmithafc

    what is with peep at the moment? it does not let you log in to twitter username and password problem!
    doesnt happen on twitter or other apps, does anyone know why this is?  


    It seems that HTC has left Peep application without support anymore so there will be no fix for this bug… :(

  • Briannawilliams 1994

    I’ve been trying to access my twitter account from the Peep app every since I got my phone in May, but it’s still not letting me log in. HELP!!!