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JustUnfollow for Android

App to find people who unfollow you or don't follow you back

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Tags: Android, JustUnfollow, Mobile, unfollow
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JustUnfollow, a popular web-based Twitter app, is now available for . is a simple twitter app to find people who you or don’t follow you back. Find your fans, check if particular user follows you & whitelist non followers.

JustUnfollow quickly finds and displays all your twitter unfollowers. Whether you have 100 users who unfollowed you or 10000 JustUnfollow will catch them and show them to you.

It’s absolutely free to get started and find unfollowers. If you are searching for a bulk unfollow twitter app then you should know bulk unfollows aren’t allowed by twitter and hence JustUnfollow does not provide that feature.

JustUnfollow aims to be the best and simplest application to manage twitter accounts and to help you find users who unfollowed you.

Key Features:

  •  Non-Followers: Find and unfollow tweeps you follow who do not follow you back
  • Fans: Find and follow tweeps who follow you but you are not following them back
  • Inactive Following: Find tweeps who haven’t tweeted in the last 1,3 or 6 months
  • All Following: Shows and allows you to unfollow everyone you currently follow. Use this when you want to start twitter all over again!
  • Friend Check: Check your relationship with a particular twitter user
  • Whitelist: View all the users you have whitelisted. We make sure you do not end up unfollowing whitelisted users. Whitelist your favorite celebs
  • Blacklist: View all the users you have blacklisted. We make sure you do not follow blacklisted users
  • Copy Followers: Follow the followers of any other twitter account. Admire a twitter accounts follower? You can follow them using this feature
  • Multiple Accounts: Add multiple twitter accounts and manage them from a single place
  • Settings: Upgrade accounts (for Premium users) and all other app settings can be found here

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