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Powerful Twitter Client for Mac OS X

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Tags: client, Commercial, Desktop, Kiwi, mac-os-x, twitpic
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Kiwi is a “customizable” Twitter for Mac OS X 10.6. is customizable, flexible, and powerful as mentioned below.

  • Customizable: You can use/create themes.
  • Flexible: Kiwi can show one minimalist timeline for the social media Zen master, or display lots of accounts for the social networking butterfly.
  • Powerful: Kiwi can manage your tweets with rules and regular expressions, plus can combine Twitter accounts to create personalized timelines.

Some other features that it supports:

  • Account Groups: Get organized, create mashups, and construct your own groups of users. Kiwi can merge many accounts into one timeline, or keep them separate, you decide.
  • Retweet: Full support for sending and receiving Twitter’s new retweets. See both the original author and the your friend that sent it.
  • Saved Searches: Twitter isn’t just about your friends anymore. With saved searches you can find out the latest news about the trending topics that are important to you.
  • Inline Images: See Twitpic image thumbnails right in your timeline. They expand as hove your mouse, or just click for a preview.
  • Rules: Define rules to hide content that you’d like to skip and highlight the content you don’t want to miss. Use simple searching and powerful regular expressions to see exactly the content you want.

The full version of Kiwi costs $9.95.

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