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Bookmarklet to insert links to web pages, images, and videos into your tweets

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Tags: bookmarklet, Email, Lizzer
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Lizzer is a that lets you insert links to web pages, images, and videos into your tweets.

Using the bookmarklet you can search for content across various services and have links directly embedded into your . It makes it extremely convient to find related content that you want to include in your emails.

From Mashable:

This can be done in two different ways: Instant Mode, which allows you to add what you want with a click of the mouse, and Manual Mode, which requires you to copy and paste the link or HTML code. In either case, the search feature lets you find content across several different popular services at the same time. Enter a keyword and results will appear in special sections for sites like YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Wikipedia, and many others. works best with services like Google Docs, Gmail, WordPress, and Tumblr because you can automatically embed the content from those sites.


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