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Mister Wong

Social bookmarking service which integrates users' Twitter streams to their Mr. Wong profiles

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Tags: bookmark, Mister Wong, Social Bookmarking
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Alexa Ranking: 894,580

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Mister Wong is a service which integrates users’ Twitter streams to their profiles. This feature allows users to easily import, preview and store links to information they find through Twitter. Tweets containing links are displayed directly on users’ profiles, so they can easily click and save the links as bookmarks to their Mister Wong account.

Top features of the Twitter integration by Mister Wong:

  • Automatic import and archive of personal tweets with links, as well as 30 day archive of friends’ tweets with links
  • , @ reply, and retweet directly from Mister Wong
  • Shortened links expanded for preview before visiting
  • All shortened links are expanded and saved in original format, so there is no risk if one shortener goes inactive or out of business. Your links are saved!
  • Preview YouTube videos and Twitpics directly from Twitter link stream on Mister Wong
  • Delete individual tweets or block users from being displayed in Twitter link stream
  • Links retweeted from Mister Wong use the URL shortener
  • Invite friends via Twitter


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