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The next generation Twitter client

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Tags: adobe air, client, Desktop, iPhone, mac-os-x, Mixero, Mobile, Windows
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Mixero is a new generation Twitter client for people who value their time and are tired of information noise!

It supports a multitude of features which includes:

  • Groups: Groups you create stay with you on any PC, mobile phone or browser
  • Active Lists : Helps you ‘filter’ and reduce the noise. You can create multiple active lists and switch context from one to another.
  • Channels: With real-time twitter search on your fingertips you can easily track information that is interesting for you.
  • Filters: Any user’s or group’s timeline can be filtered with certain keywords.
  • Short URLs with auto-completion support
  • Previews: View photos from Twitpic and Flickr

is developed using and is available on and Mac. An iPhone version will be launched soon with almost all the features of the desktop version.

Mixero is currently in closed beta testing. The first 300 Twitdom readers can use the invite code “twitdom” and download the installer from here.



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