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Tags: client, Mobile, moTwit, Palm OS
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mtreoMoTwit for Palm OS allows you to  update Twitter from your smartphone or PDA.

With you can send your twitters from your device. also has shortcuts that open the more common Twitter pages (mobile version) in your web browser.

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  • Joe

    I used MoTwit for a while and have to say that it’s pretty pointless. It offers no real advantage over simply logging into the mobile site directly from the Blazer browser other than a few shortcuts. I can update my status from MoTwit just as easily as I can by simply texting Twitter directly. If it had some more options, like the ability to pull up and cache my friends’ updates, that would be one thing, but this is entirely featureless.

    It really is a shame that the only Twitter app developed for the Palm OS has absolutely no reasonable functionality.

  • Quran

    I agree with Joe that program isn’t the greatess for the palm os… I wish others would develop a twit app for the palm os… But then again there will probably be a better app for the palm web os.

  • Do you know of a Twitter application for the Palm Centro?