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Tags: client, delicious, Digg, Facebook, Facebook-Sync, flickr,, MySpace, Nsyght, search, StumbleUpon, vimeo, Web
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Nsyght is a fully featured twitter web client that allows you to aggregate, share, and your twitter social graph in real time. Nsyght also supports threaded discussions, email alerts, inline video and photo display, and support for other services like Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon, Flickr, , Delicious, and

A summary of its features include:

List support
  • Twitter lists
  • Lists are searchable
  • Lists can cover users, keywords, faceted filters, or any combination of the above
  • Lists are NOT limited to twitter
  • eg: <— This is a list covering all twitter users we have, filtered by the keywords sxsw OR sxswi

Mute support

  • You can “mute” a user – not see their posts – without affecting follow status
  • You can mute on a service by service basis
  • Twitter replies are searchable
  • Users can perform archival searches across their own twitter firehose, as well as everyone elses (not just a few days!)
  • eg: <— if you perform a search on this page, it will only search your posts

Other Notable Features

  • Email notifications for Twitter replies or RT’s
  • Twitter threaded discussions
  • Faceted filters allow users to search for and discover videos, photos, and discussions involving their friends


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