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Track Twitter activity through email

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Tags: Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, NutshellMail, Web
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NutshellMail is a social networking management tool that combines the best of the social with the original killer app: email. While other social networking management tools require you to download software or to log into yet another website, transforms your existing email inbox into a single social web command center. makes sure you never miss the information you care about by consolidating and organizing your notifications into an interactive email digest delivered directly to you on a schedule you define. With , you can even update your status, reply to friends’ posts, share stories, send tweets and so much more directly through your email inbox.

NutshellMail is part of the fbFund REV incubator program, a joint venture between , Founders Fund and Accel Partners to seed and incubate early stage companies.

Twitter Users

  • Track and Manage Twitter Lists
  • Track search phrases
  • Change limits to the number of messages you see any section
  • Turn any section on or off

Facebook Users

  • Track feeds from your Friend Lists
  • Track your favorite pages and blogs
  • See your new inbox messages
  • See threaded conversations anytime someone replies to a feed story you commented on
  • Change limits to the number of messages you see any section
  • Turn any section on or off

The following video and slideshow provides more details about NutshellMail.

NutshellMail: Simplify Your Online Social Life from David Lyman on Vimeo.

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