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Pay Me Tweets

Micro-promotional tool for Twitter

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Tags: Advertise, Monetize, Payment Service, PayMeTweets, RevTwt, Web
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PayMeTweets is a “micro promotional” tool which allows you to get the word around about your product or service. Each user is paid a certain amount simply for retweeting the original tweet. But, the retweet must be down via .

PayMeTweets calculates the value of your tweets and pays you accordingly. The credit you receive accumulates in your account and can be reused to pay for your own RTs or cashed once above $50.

Its an interesting concept. The approach adopted is slightly different from that of RevTwt, but all in all its similar in terms of bringing the world of “PayPerPost” to Twitter.


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  • Honestly, As the creator of PayMeTweets I had not known of RevTwit until I read this post. (Shows how much research I did?!)

    I would like to point out that PayMeTweets pays according to a Twitterer’s influence so that the RTs an publisher does pay for are paid out accordingly. Fairer for both parties.