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Creates & broadcast automated postings into your Twitter feed

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Tags: Proxifeed, RSS, Schedule Posts, Syndication and Feeds, Web
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Proxifeed creates and broadcasts automated postings into your Twitter feed. You can use keywords that match your areas of interest and let identify relevant real-time content. Mix-in other sources too.

The aim as described on the site is,

See your feed become exciting and engaging. More and more people will notice and start following you.

How does Proxifeed work?

  • Define your interest: Use keywords to define the area of interest that you want to tweet about. E.g. for your Twitter account on “clean tech” use “solar energy”, “hybrid cars”, “wind power”,… – the more specific terms you enter the more specific the tweets will become and draw attention.
  • Auto-content: Proxifeed will broadcast the best and freshest real-time web content from hundreds of thousands of RSS feeds matching your keywords.
  • Mix-in other RSS sources: Define a list of other RSS feeds and Proxifeed will take selected items and add them into your stream of posts.
  • Frequency: Configure the frequency of your postings and match them to your normal posting behavior.
  • Where to broadcast: Let Proxifeed post to one or more Twitter accounts. Set up multiple Proxifeeds for different Twitter accounts.
  • Track your stats: See your follower base and clicks grow across the different Proxifeeds you’ve set-up.
  • In-feed ads: Proxifeed is a test bed for contextually relevant content ads that will let you monetize your feed. Opt-out anytime.


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