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Track your new followers and unfollowers using RSS Feeds

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Tags: follow, RSS, RSSFriends, Syndication and Feeds, unfollow
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RSSFriends allows you to create an feed out of your new followers and unfollowers. Its a simple way to keep track of who is following you and who does not like your tweets!

You can add this feed to iGoogle, Google Reader or Netvibes, or any other feed reader if you want.


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  • Thanks that was quick listing.

    If users have questions, please feel free to get in contact with me.

  • Adrian

    RSSFriends is a great app enabling people to turn off their New Follower notifications and switch to the rss reader. Good idea, perhaps a better alternative to topify..

    It is also partnering with so one may view extended information for any followers and unfollowers, thus making the final subscription choice more informed.