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Scout It Out!

Collecting News and Videos from inside NFL sources

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Tags: adobe air, Desktop, Facebook, Linux, Mac, NFL, Scout It Out, Sports, Windows
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Do you love the ? Are you a serious fantasy football player? Now you can have your own scouting department with Scout It Out! This revolutionary app collects real-time news and video from inside NFL sources and delivers it on one easy-to-manage screen. You decide which prized content you receive. Or get all of it! Your favorite NFL columnists, the shrewdest fantasy experts, streaming videos from your favorite teams, live press conferences, every mention of your favorite players, every injury update, every podcast – it’s all waiting for you at ! Once this wealth of NFL goodness is at your fingertips, you’ll probably want to share and discuss it. ! syncs with Twitter, and every other social network seamlessly, allowing your friends to enjoy it while you do. Scout It Out! sat isfies all your NFL and fantasy needs. It supplies new premium content literally every second. You won’t believe how much, and you won’t believe how easily you can tailor it to your specific interests. You, and you alone, run this scouting department. No surfing, no searching, no waiting for a browser to load.

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