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A sentiment based forecasting service for the Sports sector

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Tags: analytics, Sentibet, Sentiments, Sports, Twitter sentiment analysis, Web
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Sentibetâ„¢ is a novel and spark Outcome Forecasting service, focused on reflecting, in real time, the likely outcomes for upcoming sporting events around the globe. It is a sentiment based forecasting service for the Sports sector, based on our text analytics platform Neurolingo Mnemosyneâ„¢.

The service handles the online and automated processing of all the dynamic information posted on the social (e.g. blogs, forums etc.), especially the social networking sites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.). Information is being analyzed in order to be determined whether it refers to any of the upcoming sporting events and express either a prediction, feeling or wish for the likely outcome.

In its current version, the service is focused only on the real time processing of the Twitter Stream and offers sentiment based forecasts for European Football sporting events and specifically the English Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League competitions.

There are plenty of services out there doing very broad analytics of sentiment in social media, but ’s claim to fame is being able to analyze messages on Twitter to come up with very specific types of sentiment – predictions, feelings and wishes for the outcome of a sporting match – and to come up with composite estimates of outcomes.

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