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Simply Measured

Solution for tracking and measuring performance on any Twitter Account

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Tags: analytics, Simply Measured, Statistics
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Alexa Ranking: 49,379

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Simply Measured provides a complete solution for tracking and measuring performance on any Twitter Account. Put your Twitter reporting on steroids with full data exports, rich Excel-based reports, and detailed performance . Track any single Twitter account, or combine multiple accounts into a single report to compare performance and benchmark against competitors.

Some of the features supported:

  • Track any public Twitter account, admin access is not required
  • Measure engagement by capturing all sent tweets, mentions, retweets, and clicks
  • Track follower growth and analyze your audience by location, activity, and influence
  • Detailed engagement metrics on a per tweet level and measured over any time range
  • Klout integration to identify brand influencers and advocates
  • Location data to identify activity and influencers by country, state, and city
  • Monitor for keywords, hash-tags, and links on Twitter and other social channels

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