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Tags: Brand Management Marketing, Commercial, Facebook, Firehose, Google Buzz, Schedule Posts, SocialFlow, Web
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Alexa Ranking: 90,554

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SocialFlow helps your enterprise say the right thing, at the right time to the right audience. has access to the Twitter and analyzes the tweets to determine the right time of day for a brand to send out a tweet. It is a great way to optimize your social media engagement. As mentioned on their website,

SocialFlow is the only platform that dynamically publishes your content when it will resonate most with your customers and audiences on Twitter. SocialFlow marries science, etiquette and social convention to produce audience engagement on services such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz. With SocialFlow, your messages go out at precisely the right time, using language that’s most likely to produce clicks, RTs, shares, mentions and follows.

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