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Adobe AIR based Twittter & Facebook Client

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Tags: adobe air, client, Desktop, Facebook, Linux, mac-os-x, Social Visor, Windows
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SocialVisor is a for the popular social networks, Twitter and . SocialVisor is extremely slim and operates much like a news or Stock Ticker. It runs in an ambient fashion docked at the top or bottom of your monitor, allowing you to perform work or whatever else you enjoy doing on the computer, besides being addicted to social updates from your network of choice. Designed as a fully functional application in that simply puts more emphasis on minimising the physical footprint the client has on valuable screen space. Including such crucial functionalities such as emailing updates directly from the client, a timesaver for people who cannot read inane articles from work or for people who enjoy sharing the latest cute baby video with their non-socially connected friends, and splitting up tweets into two, so the more verbose users can cheat with the 140 character cap.

SocialVisor is a client for people who have other things to do with their lives besides being glued to their Social Networks!!

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