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An experimental social aggregator from Microsoft

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Tags: Aggregator, Evernote, Facebook, RSS, Spindex, Syndication and Feeds, Web
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Spindex is an experimental social aggregator from Microsoft. It supports Twitter, , , and RSS currently. Once you have configured all your social accounts, you get thrown into the main dashboard of the site, that consolidates and presents the information in an ease to digest form as shown below.

As mentioned on TechCrunch,

The far right column is where Spindex’s special sauce lies (though it’s clearly got a ways to go). When you first log into , this column gives you a quick overview of what your friends have been talking about and sharing. There’s a section for commonly shared links, as well as a “Most commented on post”. Below that are a handful of thumbnails showcasing the images your friends have been sharing recently. And at the very top is a list of trending terms (these are based on items your friends have been sharing, as opposed to the entire Facebook or Twitter communities).

Via TechCrunch.

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