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Filter your embedded Twitter feed & block Twitter spam

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TidyTweet helps keep your Twitter feed free from inappropriate language, users, and content. Keep an eye on your conversations 24/7 and decide for yourself what stays and what goes.

Some of its features includes:

  • Automatic or Manual Approval of Tweets
  • Custom Bad Word Filtering
  • Whitelist or Blacklist Twitter Users
  • Auto-rejection of Tweets from New Accounts New
  • Auto-rejection of Tweets with Multiple Trending Topics

As described on the website,

Think of TidyTweet as your very own Twitter feed housekeeper. Based on your preferences, it keeps conversations clean, orderly, and free of unwanted comment clutter. TidyTweet works behind the scenes to prevent unwanted surprises from showing up on your website. After creating an account and setting up a feed, you can blacklist or whitelist specific handles, approve Tweets manually or automatically, and create a customized word filter to avoid annoying – or embarrassing – situations. TidyTweet lets you keep the conversation going – without worrying about what’s being said.


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