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Semantic search engine for Twitter

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Tags: search, Semantic, TipTop, Web
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Alexa Ranking: 7,423,350

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TipTop is a platform for analysis of natural language which looks at data as a source of tips that help people solve problems. A problem that is at the top of someone’s mind can often be solved satisfactorily with a good set of tips.

You provide a keyword to on, just like any other Twitter engine, but the results are displayed in a very different way.

An example search done for “Hillary Clinton” is shown below. You can reply to a particular tweet from the search result. You can infact, even “re-tip” or “retweet” it as well.


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  • Shyam Kapur

    TipTop is by far the smartest search tool I have so far come across.

  • i found TipTop’s comparison shopping site ( an easy way to quickly compare across product ratings, read other’s product reviews and see real-time what the world is saying about the gifts i’m looking at buying.