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Link SalesForce with Twitter

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Tags: Commercial, CRM, SalesForce, Toucan, Web
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Alexa Ranking: 15,741,071

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Toucan is a Twitter Client for . It allows you to link and Twitter. It runs natively within . It integrates your contact, marketing campaigns, and support cases with twitter.

With you can:

  • Keep in touch with your contacts, post tweets, reply to followers
  • Run a Tweet Campaign and track click-through metrics to determine your tweet effectiveness
  • Auto-create support cases from a tweet and respond to cases with our case-tweet integration
  • Create hot lists to see several twitter IDs in a single view
  • Keep an eye on your brand or important keywords with searches and alerts.

Toucan was the App of the Month for March 2009. Toucan comes with different pricing options depending on the number of users and duration.


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