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Geo-location filter for conversations and mentions on Twitter

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Tags: geolocation, TPS, Tweet Positioning System, Web
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TPS, or the Tweet Positioning System, is a geo-location filter for conversations and mentions on Twitter. The tool not only helps you find people talking about you, your company, or the topic you’re most interested in, it locates those individuals on a map and lets you filter the conversation by location.

For businesses, bloggers and everyday people, TPS helps you discover the local trends which can help you make better decisions on product and service improvements, what topics to write about or type of content to provide, or simply connect you with people in your city or region with similar interests.

TPS was developed by the people behind, the health technology and innovation blog from Humana’s Innovation Center. While we developed TPS as an internal tool to provide geographic insights to product development, event management and regional sales and marketing teams at our company, we knew people outside Humana might find the features useful. We’re all about making the world happier and healthier through health and health innovation. Since the tool might make some folks happy, it makes sense for us to share it.

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