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Tags: analytics, Brand Management, monitoring, search, Sentiments, Trackur, Trends, Web
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Alexa Ranking: 666,290

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Trackur is a social media tool. You can use it to monitor brands, execs, employees, and competitors. It is available in multiple pricing options ranging from free to ‘agency plan’.

Some of its features are:

  • Receive alerts via RSS or E-mail
  • Bookmark and save discovered items
  • Fine-tune results with custom filters
  • Track sentiment and trends

As described by ReadWriteWeb,

is a tool for monitoring your online reputation that scours blogs, news sites, images, and videos so you can track buzz about your name, company brands, industry trends, products, or news about your competitor. The service continually monitors nearly all of social media, including blogs, videos, images, bookmarks, and even Twitter…Before, at $88/month, we wondered if did enough to make the service worth it, but today, ’s Standard service is available for only $18/month, so the answer to that earlier question is now “YES”

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