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Tags: Trendrr, Trends, Web
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Trendrr enables you to track the popularity and awareness of across a variety of inputs, ranging from social networks (like Twitter), to blog buzz and video views downloads, all in real time.

From the website:

is what you make it.

  • Use Trendrr to monitor the popularity surrounding your favorite up and coming artist, new TV show, or movie that just went into development.
  • Track just how many friends your candidate of choice has and just how many people are favoriting their latest video.
  • Compare the popularity of anything, across any input, and draw your own conclusions. See what people are saying and project what you think the effects of this data will be.
  • Blog about interesting data or trends you’ve identified and share and raise awareness regarding things you think are on the rise. Use Trendrr to support your claims with graphs and data.

Trendrr is just not a website where you can analyze trends:

  • As a developer, you can access their APIs.
  • As a Firefox user, you can install their add-on.


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