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Audio messages via phone to Twitter and other networks

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Tags: Audio, Trottr, Web
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Trottr allows you to send messages to anybody around the world, by making a simple phone call!

Whenever you feel like it, you can let your friends, family and colleagues listen in on your life. All you have to do is register your telephone on . Then start recording your audio messages and making them available to others via the website. Of course you can also transfer your message to your twitter Timeline. Or send it directly via email, or post it on one of your communities.


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  • ** News Update from **

    Upload your audio, images and text to trottr and twitter with a simple email!
    Use the native recording tools in your favorite device like iphone, blackberry .. and send your audio by email

    We have been working hard to add an exiting new feature to From now on, you can update your and timeline with a simple email. Use your favorite device like iPhone, Blackberry or your PC to record an audio message and send it by email. You can even attach images to your email to have adding them to your update, enhancing your followers experience enormously.

    Login to your account and visit the “Upload!” tab on the “MyTrottr” page to get your unique email address and start recording!