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TunkRank is a Twitter username algorithm which shows a profile’s score as a percentile.

The algorithm works on this philosophy:

  • The amount of attention you can give is spread out among all those you follow. The more you follow, the less attention you can give each one.
  • Your influence depends on the amount of attention your followers can give you.

As a twitterer, your influence does not depend on how many people you follow. However, your usefulness as a follower does. Having higher influence depends on having many followers who follow relatively few people but are followed by many. Followers like that are more likely to pick up on your tweets, act on them, retweet them, whatever. Their influence trickles up to you.

Therefore, your score is a reflection of how much attention your followers can both directly give you and propagate up to you.

The site does take a while before it generates your TunkRank. I could only test it with tunkrank’s own id which showed a score of 81 percentile.


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