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Twitter Client & Scheduling Platform (Top 5 Twitter App for Businesses as per PC World)

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Tags: Brand Management, Calendar, client, Marketing, Multiple Accounts, RSS, Schedule Posts, Syndication and Feeds, translator, Twaitter
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Twaitter is a Twitter Marketing and Twitter Business Tool Suite. It was recently named in the top 5 applications for Businesses on Twitter by PC World Magazine.

Some of its features:

  • Full
  • Multiple Account Management for Teams
  • Scheduling (recurring included): Set your twitter messages to send on recurring basis: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Twitter : Manage your scheduled messages (Twaits) with our powerful tool that works just like your Outlook
  • Translation: Translate your tweets into any language with the click of a button
  • RSS feed manager: Register your blog or business RSS feed with and have your new posts automatically sent to twitter
  • Spell Check

Twaitter does not use OAuth for Twitter login.

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  • Justin

    We’ve tried several schedulers and marketing tools extensively. We chose Twaitter for its additional features and it had the easiest interface.


  • Twaitter is a little slow, but it’s great for scheduling posts to be tweeted on a regular basis.
    I am just having problems getting Feeds to tweet on there, but hoping it’s me, as this is a great feature to have.