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Tags: follow, Friend, Profile, TweepDiff
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Alexa Ranking: 2,196,115

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TweepDiff is a web application that lets you see the differences between the friends or followers of two Twitter users. You can enter two Twitter screen names and choose whether to look at friends or followers for each one and will display the differences and commonalities of the two users.

An example output is shown below.


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  • Hi Mark, is there any use for this tool in terms of online business?
    Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Eric B
    I follow you on Twitter by the way I’m @AJ2000

  • I can’t take credit for this idea, but someone requested the ability to compare more than two users, which you can now do with Their reasoning was that if their company had multiple Twitter accounts, they could use TweepDiff to see how much overlap there was in followers so they could potentially abandon one of the accounts or make sure they talk about different things in each one. It might also help you evaluate the effectiveness of different Twitter accounts, sort of (but not quite) like A/B testing.


  • Thats a great idea Brian! Thanks for sharing that!