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Tweet Automator

A Windows desktop app with fully automated search and targeting capabilities

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Tags: Desktop, geolocation, Multiple Accounts, Schedule Posts, Tweet Automator, Windows
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Tweet Automator is an easy to use tool that features fully automated search/targeting capabilities and variety of features that will provide you large amounts of targeted, quality followers and friends. You just set it, and forget it!

Some features:

  • Support for multiple Twitter accounts
  • Geo-targeting: If you are running a local business in specific area will find people from this area and help you turn them into your customers.
  • Smart Following Management: Tweet Automator will automatically manage your followings in order to achieve maximum results. Manual management is also available.
  • Automated Tweeting: Don’t waste your time trying to show your message to all of your followers. Tweet Automator can do this for you in just two clicks.

The full version costs only $29.99 [BUY NOW!] and comes with lifetime updates. Tweet Automator runs on XP, Vista or 7.



The video below introduces Tweet Automator.


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