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Tweet From Below

Send out 'evil' anonymous tweets

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Tags: Anonymous, Tweet From Above, Tweet From Below, Web
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Tweet From Below and Tweet From Above let you post messages on Twitter without creating an account or posting those messages in your own Twitter feed. is meant to send out ‘evil’ tweets.

Why would you want to use this site? As described by the authors,

Well, we thought of a gazillion reasons, but the most basic is this: You’re a Twitter user, and sometimes you want to respond to something in the Twitterverse without your comments being broadcast to your followers or attached to your name. Standard @replies are okay, but maybe you want to let an obnoxious Twitterer know it without starting a feud. Or maybe you’re a (dis)satisfied customer of one of the umpteen businesses on Twitter and you want to give them feedback without starting a “relationship.” Or maybe you just need to get something off your chest.

To prevent abuse, the system logs your IP Address and you can be blocked if you try to abuse the system. To prevent spam bots from using the system, a captcha needs to be entered.


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