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Tweet is in the air

A machine that projects tweets in air!

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Tags: Gadgets, tweet is in the air
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Tweet is in the air isn’t your regular Twitter application. It is a machine that makes the “twitter wall” concept way much cool and fun. Think about the tweets being projected in plain air, instead of being projected on a wall! The project was showcased on the 23rd of March 2010, during the PrForum event, a local Bucharest PR conference, as a live example for unusual Twitter usage.

It consists on a device that extracts the humidity from the air and projects it as a thin layer of water vapors, a special tuned projector able to display the tweets on the vapors, and a laptop that gather the tweets. Most of the parts of the device have been recovered from other devices. For example, the parts that collects the humidity from the air have been extracted from several air conditioning systems.

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