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Tweet Quiz

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Tags: Games, Tweet Quiz, Web
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Alexa Ranking: 7,833,566

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Tweet Quiz is a tweet-based quiz where you must find hidden words and phrases using clues that are periodically tweeted. For example, a challenge might entail “Things associated with a Volcano” or “A meal or food made with Eggs”, with dozens of hidden answers to discover.

Finding the hidden words and phrases gets you points. Tweet your answers with an @ reply or play on-line. Slight misspellings are tolerated. Once a game starts, it will not end until all the answers have been found, or 24 hours has elapsed. Each game will be either competitive or cooperative. In competitive mode, the game is over when any player finds all of the hidden answers. In cooperative mode, you get to see what other people have found and the game ends when all items are uncovered. Either way, a game is over in 24 hours.

To play , simply follow @Tweet_Quiz or visit their website.


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