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Tweet what you spend

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Tags: Finance, Tweet What You Send, Web
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Tweetwhatyouspend is a free tool that makes cash tracking easy.


  • No need to keep the receipt! Enter transactions at the point of sale through your mobile phone using Twitter
  • Categorize your cash spending through drag-and-drop controls in your secure Cash Journal
  • Set daily spending limits and receive alerts to your mobile phone when you near them
  • Export your Cash Journal to CSV or Excel


Given below is a video explaining the usage of the tool:

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  • If you don’t want everyone to know what you’ve spent, register a new Twitter account and protect the updates. Only downside? Can’t tweet to your regular account and this one through one mobile number.

    Helpful for those ATM fiends!

  • a

    It think it is actually USELESS application.

  • RK

    Those are direct messages. Your followers won’t be able to read them.

  • I find TWYS quite useful and fun . I have wrote about it in my blog .

  • I have been unable to link my twitter account to twys.  Has anyone had a problem like this? I emailed the info email address but never heard back. A friends says this is great to use and I wanted to try it.

    • Gladys

      Hello, I am having the same problem and I am trying to write them and no body reply. Did you fix your problem?