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Tags: alerts, brand, Email, TweetBeep, Web
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Alexa Ranking: 8,152,408

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TweetBeep help you to keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything, with hourly updates. You can even keep track of who’s tweeting your website or blog, even if they use a shortened URL (like or Tinyurl).

The service is ad support and also comes in an ad-free premium version which costs $20/month. For that amount you get 200 , a 15 minute alert option, and no advertisements.

As described on DownloadSquad,

While allows you to set a number of criteria for your alerts, one of the most interesting is the ability to set an “Attitude” criteria. You can choose from three:

  • Positive attitude
  • Negative attitude
  • Asking a question

This appears to be a fantastic way to stay on top of how people are perceiving your company or brand, and gives you the ability to very quickly react to your customers or users. It can also be useful for heavy Twitter users to ensure they don’t miss any mentions.


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