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Monetize your short URLs

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Tags: Monetize, short url, Tweetbucks, Web
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Tweetbucks takes the concept of towards monetization for the end user. , just like attempts to convert regular links to affiliate links, if possible. This is done based on tie-ups with various merchants.

This helps Tweetbucks make commissions from any sales coming from such links, a percentage of which is passed on to the user who created the link.

Payments are done via PayPal once you reach $25. You get $5 for free when you sign up! They have a referral system as well, where you stand to make 10% of all commissions made by your referrals for 6 months.


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  • Jacob Peacock

    This is a really awesome and useful service for anyone who finds them self shortening a lot of URLs and needs to have quality statistics and reports. The fact that there is a 5.00 sign on bonus and that there is a wide range of merchant affiliates integrated into the service is convenient also.
    I am looking forward to how this service develops in the future and I believe that it is off to a great start. I think that once an API for this service is released that we will really see it’s true potential for developers, marketers, merchants, and end-users.
    So far I have really been enjoying this service.